After graduating from the University of West Florida with a degree in International Relations and a Masters from Troy State University, Richard Alvoid earned his Juris Doctor from New York Law School in Manhattan, New York. He took his first steps into the world of Immigration Law while studying in the Big Apple and working for a reputable Immigration Attorney (Harry DeMell) in the City renowned as the immigration phenomenon. He was admitted and is currently a member in good standing of both the New York and Florida Bars.

After graduating from university, Richard Alvoid traversed the world, living, working and traveling for 3 ½ years in Asia and the Pacific. He has visited more than 40 countries as either a visitor, sojournor, worker, student, or most of all, as an adventurer.

He speaks proficient Spanish, functional Italian and conversational Arabic and Japanese, and has a deep fascination for all languages and philology in general.
His educational background, experience as a foreigner abroad, extensive cultural and linguistic experiences, as well as his more than 11 years of immigration law training render him more than an Immigration lawyer; he knows what it feels like to be in the shoes of an immigrant. Richard Alvoid is an Immigration Lawyer that will understand your difficulties in adapting and communicating in a foreign land and will lead you to the path to your goal, if that path exists.

His immigration law experience spanned New York, New Jersey, and New Orleans before he ultimately established his own law practice in Pensacola, FL in 2001 and a branch office in Italy in 2008. He has traveled to nearly every City in Florida on business immigration, whether it be in a US CIS District Office, Immigration Court, Detention Court, or simply to meet clients in their hometown.

The law firm of Richard Alvoid, PA practices almost exclusively (99%) in the field of Immigration Law, thereby affording the experience, tools and the network to handle all aspects of Immigration Law. The firm represents clients from non-immigrant visas to the green card interview, from detention facilities to Immigration Court, and from Citizenship to investment opportunities. He gives clients the time, the professionalism and the compassion they deserve. Most importantly, Richard Alvoid and his firm dispense honest, detailed and experienced legal advice.


1993, University of West Florida

Bachelor of Science in International Studies

1997, Troy State University

Master in International Relations

2000, New York Law School

Juris Doctor

2000, Licensed

New York Bar

2000, Licensed

Florida Bar

2003, Law Firm

Established the Richard Alvoid law firm

2009, 2nd Law Firm

Opened branch office in Bologna, ITALY


In 2004, Richard Alvoid represented Sean Blackwell, an American soldier who married an Iraqi woman during the conflict in Iraq. Articles and reviews are still available online for numerous periodicals and he appeared live on both CNN and Fox news.

Spoke at UWF President Cavanaugh’s inauguration, the Women’s Voters League Forum on immigration in Panama City Beach, Florida Bar CLE course, has appeared on numerous occasions on WRNE’s Ritmo Latino simulcast Spanish language broadcast. Submits articles in the Spanish periodical of La Voz del Latino, and has been quoted by several publications concerning immigration law in general and the immigration crackdown in Panama City.